There are of course many articles about mistakes that startup founders should avoid. Having made many of them myself, I have a theory regarding the parallels between technology startups and bands. Seen through this analogy, startup founders can avoid some basic mistakes.

(that’s me in the white shirt, playing bass for the very short lived Sporadic Grass Movement)

Raising Money With Just An Idea

Entrepreneurs, especially product-centric ones, are creatives, just like musicians. Imagine if a band was pitching a music label, with nothing more than an idea. No lyrics, no melodies, no fans, no experience playing this music- just a concept of a song or album.

Our vision here at Deeplink has always been to solve mobile search. Probably anyone who has heard me speak about what we do, has heard my shpiel about how intents are declared on mobile primary by actions done inside of apps, while typing in a keyword query is now secondary behaviour. This is a strong belief of ours, and our North Star for building Deeplink.

Whenever a user intent is declared inside of an app, we’d like to be there to help that user find the next thing they are/should be looking for.

“Deep linking” as a “space” is somewhat…

By now I’m sure you’ve seen our new AppWords Concierge. That would be a good reason for why you are reading this now.

So how do you get into the private beta? Simply drop in our placeholder SDK, run it once on a dev build, input the code you got from signing up at, and that’s it!

A placeholder SDK? So. Freiken. Cool.

Yup, it is very cool. And you are cool. And that’s why we want you in. But how? Great question. Here are the steps on how to easily integrate the AppWords Concierge placeholder SDK in order…

Mobile search has a problem. That problem is the search box. The screen is too small, typing is too cumbersome, and the results aren’t great. Plus, isn’t a phone supposed to just know a lot about you and your context?

Intents on mobile are largely declared passively- or by actions performed inside of an app. But rarely are these intents captured and answered preemptively.

We need to be beyond the search box already!

Here at Deeplink, we have built one of the world’s largest deep linking platforms- tens of thousands of apps use the platform to deep link into their…

When you’re lucky enough to work on a pioneering and truly innovative product, it’s always tempting to push through to a future that others aren’t yet ready for. On the one hand, we’re very proud to have been the first deep linking platform, the first to launch a searchable and scalable deeplink marketplace, and are still the largest indie deep linking platform.

But on the other hand, while we’re excited to push the envelope toward what we believe is the future of mobile search, we also are lucky to have a great customer base of amazing apps, who want better…

itamar weisbrod

Director of Product Management @Yahoo, Co-founder @deeplinkme, inventor of the first custom Android lockscreen @flyscreen, and always happy to help nice people

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