There are of course many articles about mistakes that startup founders should avoid. Having made many of them myself, I have a theory regarding the parallels between technology startups and bands. Seen through this analogy, startup founders can avoid some basic mistakes.

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(that’s me in the white shirt, playing bass for the very short lived Sporadic Grass Movement)

Raising Money With Just An Idea

Entrepreneurs, especially product-centric ones, are creatives, just like musicians. Imagine if a band was pitching a music label, with nothing more than an idea. No lyrics, no melodies, no fans, no experience playing this music- just a concept of a song or album.

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It would obviously be ridiculous. (They wouldn’t even get the meeting in the first place, I’m sure.) It would be unthinkable in the music space to try jumping so far ahead, without any music (product) or fans (product/market fit, traction). Now imagine the music label is a VC. Is that VC going to fund your band, that has no music and no fans? Or will they back that other ‘band’ that has already written, performed and recorded several songs that have a shot at becoming hits? …

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Our vision here at Deeplink has always been to solve mobile search. Probably anyone who has heard me speak about what we do, has heard my shpiel about how intents are declared on mobile primary by actions done inside of apps, while typing in a keyword query is now secondary behaviour. This is a strong belief of ours, and our North Star for building Deeplink.

Whenever a user intent is declared inside of an app, we’d like to be there to help that user find the next thing they are/should be looking for.

“Deep linking” as a “space” is somewhat of a misnomer. There have been several companies doing deep linking, but building fundamentally different services on top of deep links. Some have borne fruit, some not. Our vision has always been to use deep linking as a means for mobile users to experience great preemptive mobile search and for developers to have their app content found. …


itamar weisbrod

Director of Product Management @Yahoo, Co-founder @deeplinkme, inventor of the first custom Android lockscreen @flyscreen, and always happy to help nice people

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