How to get into the AppWords Concierge Private Beta

By now I’m sure you’ve seen our new AppWords Concierge. That would be a good reason for why you are reading this now.

So how do you get into the private beta? Simply drop in our placeholder SDK, run it once on a dev build, input the code you got from signing up at, and that’s it!

A placeholder SDK? So. Freiken. Cool.

Yup, it is very cool. And you are cool. And that’s why we want you in. But how? Great question. Here are the steps on how to easily integrate the AppWords Concierge placeholder SDK in order to get your place in line for the private beta. It is awesome, and it will be worth the 5 minutes of integration.

(For this tutorial, I’ve created a small sample app called “tkts”, where I’ll be integrating the Concierge placeholder SDK into the confirmation screen.)

Step 1: Edit your project’s Podfile

Add the following to your podfile:

pod ‘AppWordsConcierge’, :git => ‘'
Copy, and paste into your Podfile.

Step 2: ‘pod install’

Run ‘pod install’ in the directory of your project to install AppWords Concierge.

‘pod install’, then “ENTER” in case it wasn’t obvious…

Step 3: Open the “.xcworkspace” file in your project.

Pretty self-explanatory…

Step 4: Open ViewController.m (or wherever else you want to integrate)

Also, pretty self-explanatory… Stay with me…

And here’s how the app looks before integrating:

I wish it was a real concert…

Step 5: Insert/edit the following lines of code

#import <Concierge/Concierge.h>
 @property (strong, nonatomic) AppWordsConcierge *chatTrigger;
 — (void)viewDidLoad { 
 [super viewDidLoad]; 
 self.chatTrigger = [AppWordsConcierge createChatTriggerInViewController:self userEmail:@“EMAIL@EMAIL.COM”]; 

(Note: replace “EMAIL@EMAIL.COM” with the email address you used to sign up for a code at

So that your file looks something like this:

And the app now looks like this:

See that cool concierge icon at the bottom right? Like a boss.

Step 6: Run, and voila!

Follow the on screen instructions to enter your code, and you’re on the list!


This is you, after successfully integrating the placeholder SDK.

Easiest integration ever, right?

So now that you’re on the list for the AppWords Concierge private beta, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your app is well on its way to being the very best it could be. Your users will love it, and by proxy, will love you more too.

Look out for the “YOU GOT INTO THE PRIVATE BETA!!!!!” email, coming soon.