12 Brutally Honest Lessons about Life and Entrepreneurship

Trying to climb a mountain? this is what it’s like (image may be subject to copyright).
  1. Success is 1% ‘product-market fit’, 99% determination.

Decisions need parents, and parents need autonomy. You certainly do not need to, and should not, make EVERY DECISION at your company. Rarely do such dictatorships work. But do make sure to explicitly define, to you and others, what is important for you to have a final say in. And similarly, what is important for other leaders in the organizations to have a final say in.

“Disagree and commit” is the fastest way to move forward without compromising the quality of decision making (Photograph by Patrick Fallon / Bloomberg)

While it is valuable to listen to experienced professionals, never replace your own opinion and analysis with theirs. Remember that NOBODY can predict the future, and that every great VC has passed on some amazing companies. You may well be one of these companies.

Jeff Bezos had nothing to do with selling books, or e-commerce, prior to starting Amazon. Herb Kelleher — founder of Southwest Airlines was previously a litigation lawyer and knew nothing about starting an airline. Mark Zuckerberg is far from being the most ‘social’ person as the founder of the world’s largest social media platform; The Airbnb founders had zero experience in hospitality; Haim Saban never produced a record in his life before starting a record label and becoming one of the richest people in America; and the list goes on and on (trust me, this is a very long list). None of these people would have been successful had they followed conventional wisdom.

You’re busy building a company. Don’t let anyone waste your time (image may be subject to copyright).
(image may be subject to copyright).




Co-founder @ Veho — Next Generation Shipping (ShipVeho.com). HBS MBA ‘17.

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Itamar Zur

Itamar Zur

Co-founder @ Veho — Next Generation Shipping (ShipVeho.com). HBS MBA ‘17.

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