#itaudesignteam manifesto

Oct 18, 2019 · 2 min read

Alexander Guazzelli

I give you the #itaudesignteam manifesto, which reveals how we see ourselves, what’s our needs are, the way we solve problems, and our commitments at Itaú Unibanco Bank. I would like to thank my team for taking on the challenge and helping me bring this idea into reality.

when we talk about design, we talk about you! #itaudesignteam

This manifesto reveals who we are, our challenges, and our commitments that each one of us embraces as a team and individuals. This manifesto was created for us and by us.

We are a group of people, working in teams and squads, who are committed to include the user in every step of the process, balancing strategy, technology, and experience: no matter how big the challenge is, working with enthusiasm every day to make this happen, for us and for others.

Yes, we are designers, transforming needs into solutions. Not because we have a special gift, but because we study the context and discover the real problem of the user, and afterwards use our creativity, talent, and effort to solve the problem.

Our way of seeing and acting is not always understood. If we want to be heard we need to overcome the distance between us, the designers, not just talking and emphasizing the problem, but bringing everyone together to build solutions with empathy and fairness, whether or not everyone is from the outside world or seated at the next table.

Our team also consists of people, who are different, diverse, complementary, fun, passionate, and extraordinary. They are not perfect like everyone, but they are also committed to strengthen those things that are good and continually grow. There is no doubt that we are better when working together. We work for a team that connects and includes us; only then, can we create with confidence, enthusiasm and freedom.

We want and need to be closer to our clients. This is our role. Design is only design when it is made for people. This relation is not just to excite and inspire us, but it is crucial to companies that wants to be competitive by creating relevant experiences and real connections.

Therefore, we are pivotal points of transformation. We strive daily to work together to strengthen our community and our beliefs.

The future talks about experience and design. The future talks about us. And when we talk about design, we talk about you!


I would like to thank my team for taking on the challenge and helping me bring this idea into reality. #itaudesignteam


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