Blog Review 4 “If I Were a Boy”

In Beyoncé’s music video, “If I Were a Boy”, she tackles sexist gender roles. The music video starts out with Beyoncé’s boyfriend making her breakfast in the morning while she is getting ready for her work as a police officer. Various scenes occur that compare her life to her boyfriend’s — showing her on duty and him working in an office as a secretary. This gender reversal was to make a point that society assumes that men should be fighting and doing ‘manly’ work, while women should be getting people’s coffee and sitting at their desk jobs. The other major point that she makes is that because of these gender roles that influence men to act more ‘manly’, it also contributes to treating the women in their lives on a lower level. For example she says that her boyfriend has “taken her for granted”. Furthermore, Beyoncé speaks out about the gender divide in simple everyday tasks like choosing an outfit in the morning saying, “If I were a boy…I’d roll outta bed in the morning and throw on what I wanted and go”. Whereas, women are expected to dress well and put on makeup in order to look ‘presentable’. Lastly, she also makes a statement about how males get away with a lot more and have less social standards to live up to than women. She states that if she were a boy she would “kick it with who [she] wanted and [she’d] never get confronted for it”. Meanwhile, women are often shamed for these actions. Overall, Beyoncé makes valid points in her music video about gender roles. The video was posted on YouTube in 2009, so some of the regressive gender roles that she referred to are not as prevalent in our modern day society, but her message can still be applied — especially in other countries that are behind in this social movement.

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