gore 0.4.0 is released!

A new version 0.4.0 of gore, a Go language REPL, is released today 🎉.

Recently I’ve become the new maintainer of gore after some conversations with the original author motemen. The first work was to merge some pull requests. And then I fixed some small bugs, added Makefile, refined CI configs. I also added some new features.

To upgrade or install gore, try go get -u github.com/motemen/gore/cmd/gore.

Bug fixes

  • Fix Evaluated but not usederror for some cases (evaluating len(fmt.Sprint(1)) twice emits no error)
  • Report token errors (foo # bar reports invalid token: "#")

New features

  • Support function declarations
  • Add :type command to see the type of an expression (like ghci)
  • Add :clear command to clear the code in the current session
  • Command name abbreviations (:i for :import, :t for :type, :q for :quit, etc.)


  • Support Go 1.12 (be sure to upgrade gocode and godoc, too)
  • Add Makefile
  • Move main package to cmd/gore/
  • Print header on startup to stdout (like python)
  • Improve temporary directory (add gore- prefix, remove on exit)
  • Filter out temporary filenames from compile errors
  • and more small improvements

Here’s a screenshot of new version of gore.

If you notice some problems, feel free to submit an issue report to https://github.com/motemen/gore/issues. I’m going to improve gore more and more! Thank you!