The Ultimate Guide to Configure AVG Antivirus

AVG is one of the well known antivirus programs available. If you are planning to install any antivirus software on your computer you can consider AVG for all over protection. Once you have installed AVG antivirus you can get support for AVG from its recent updates. You can get support for AVG in the form of both online support for AVG as well as, technical support for AVG.

Before installing AVG, check your computer system for any existing antivirus or antimalware software already running on the machine. You should first uninstall any such existing program. After installing AVG you need to get support for AVG by updating it as it might not have the latest updates. Following this, run your first computer scan and fix the schedule scans and scanning speed. You can fix schedule scans at least once a week. The schedule scan timing should be when your computer is on while you are not working on it. Otherwise your computer will slow down. If you need to make further queries seek online support for AVG or technical support for AVG.

The default settings of AVG are good but you can always choose to customise the settings to optimise it. You can do this from the advanced settings option from where you can adjust the antivirus settings. You will find that the most important features are already activated. You will find an option called ‘Report enhanced set of potentially unwanted programs’. By activating this option your system is protected from the installation of unwanted programs. You can also scan your emails for dangerous attachments. You can opt for ‘full protection’ when using an email program. You can get more details from online support for AVG.

You can customise the scan settings as well. If you are selecting ‘scan all file types’, it will lengthen your scan time, but will provide full protection against any malicious content. You can scan compressed files through ‘scan inside archive’ option. You can activate ‘enable thorough scanning’ if your system is not updated regularly.

While running the antivirus, you may require technical support for AVG and get some professional advice.