Presenting, itemVerse

Troubleshooting the Current Digital Content Market

Welcome to itemVerse!
itemVerse appeared with the goal to solve the problems of the current digital content market.

The issues are not the ones that have emerged recently. The problems facing the digital content industry can be viewed in 4 main issues.

High platform fees, Users’ struggle for sovereignty over digital assets, huge publicity and marketing expenses marketing costs, and difficulty in recruiting users and raising funds due to the intensifying competition within the digital content market

Although these problems have been accumulated ever since the digital content market was formed, the suitable solution has not yet been found. And here, itemVerse is presented as a project which has started to solve these problems.

Along with SIEGEANDUNITE’s rich blockchain experience, and the combination of Andromeda Games’ success title and attractive new games with Crypto Token, GameFi is provided by itemVerse to users for continuous fun and high profitability.

There have been trials to solve the problems using Blockchain before, but there has not been a real solution yet.

itemVerse will provide the solution, troubleshooting the current digital content market!

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