New Archon (Warcraft Logs) Tooltip Addon for Season of Discovery

Jone Thomas
3 min readMay 9, 2024
New Archon (Warcraft Logs) Tooltip Addon for Season of Discovery

Archon, the company known for products like Warcraft Logs, has recently unveiled an early access version of their newest Tooltip Addon designed for Season of Discovery! This addon enables players to conveniently view character parses, All Star Points, and world rank within the game simply by hovering their cursor over a character or shift-clicking names in-game.

We are thrilled to offer early access to the Archon Tooltip Addon! This feature has been in development as our in-game addon.

Currently, this early release is exclusively available for Alchemical Society Patreon members and is specifically tailored for Season of Discovery. We plan to extend its availability to other WoW expansions and make it more widely accessible after undergoing alpha testing!

Archon Tooltip Addon What Does the Addon Do? At present, it provides character parses, All Star Points, and world rank within the game interface.

This functionality is available for hover tooltips: Shift-clicking names in-game displays progress and Best Avg % for every spec they play: It also integrates with the guild window, and holding down Shift expands the information provided. Additionally, right-clicking opens a menu option to “Copy WCL URL,” facilitating easier access to a character page on the website for more details.

How to Install Download one of our Uploader clients. For Alchemical Society members, the toggle for Installing Character Tooltip Addon will be visible.

After selecting Vanilla from the dropdown menu, the Addon tab becomes accessible. Enable ‘Install Character Tooltip Addon and Automatically Keep Up-to-Date,” and the dataset will be auto-selected based on your characters, with options to opt-in to more.

This feature also indicates the latest data update time and countdown until the next update. The client will automatically update the data as long as it is running.

Potential Future Features We have several ideas for future features we’d like to implement! This initial step opens up numerous possibilities, and we’re eager to explore them further.

Connecting Main/Alts More Customization Options Displaying Guild Progress/Speed Rankings Recruitment Information And more!


How Long Will This Be in Early Access?

While we cannot provide an exact timeframe, we aim to expand to other games as soon as possible while addressing any bugs discovered during early access.

Why Are You Releasing an Addon?

This has been on our agenda for some time, especially considering repeated requests from the community and their attempts to create similar tools through web scraping or API usage. These methods are not sustainable, and preventing them has been costly. Creating our addon is the most viable way to provide this data efficiently, and we hope it will pave the way for more in-game addon features in the future.