I used to be a heavy Pocket user. It has convenient integrations and works great as a central repository of stuff to read/watch later. Additionally, I would always keep a number of to read or to watch lists outside of Pocket, because they were more convenient given particular type of content.

Whenever I’d get down to catching up on reading, I would face several 100+ long reading lists (Pocket or otherwise) which make it no easy task to decide what to pick up next:

🤔 … do I go for old content that’s potentially outdated, irrelevant that I can’t remember…

How it works

  1. You came across an interesting article, blog post, tweet, video, podcast etc. that you want to read/watch later (which happens to you all the time).
  2. Email it to Itemsy (feel free to add comments: why is it interesting? where did you find it?).
  3. Sit back and enjoy a customised personal newsletter delivered straight to your inbox.


🤯 All those reading lists and notes you’re currently using are getting too long.

☕ It should be up to you, not a newsfeed algorithm, when and how you consume content.

🏝 Switch to just dropping everything onto Itemsy and don’t worry about anything else.

Sign up at https://www.itemsy.com/


Turn content saved for later into your customised personal newsletter.

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