How To Get Over Failure And Fear And Start Again

Ask yourself “why”. Why do you want to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve? Why do you need to go through the painful process of seeing failure? 
If you have a suitable answer, it will be sufficient for you to get a push to get over your failure. My answer is simple; I want a better and fulfilled future for myself.

Don’t go with the flow!
Focus on the result, but more so focus on the effort you to need to put in to see the result. Put in the action on a daily basis regardless of how you feel. Don’t rely on feelings, they’ll never be right. Rely on growth optimizing routines. Don’t think about making a difference to the world, make a difference to your own life, be a better version of you, everyday, every month, every year. Evolve.

Growth is uncomfortable
People who take up vocations that challenge their identity come across failure, because they’re trying to grow out of something. Growth is uncomfortable, a child learns to walk only because it falls repeatedly.

Do it for YOU. Not for anybody else but YOU.
Don’t think that you’re doing it for your relationships. Only if you get over your failures, will you be able to contribute toward improving your relationships be it a romantic, professional or a parent-child one. If you have a support system keep it handy, accept all the love coming your way. People who support your cause and have a vested interest in it, will want you to win and will also likely help you win. Talk only when you need to, for your human need of interaction, and keep it at that. And disengage completely when you’re done refueling yourself. The people who want you to win won’t mind this behavior. However in the process, try to be as compassionate and kind and have no expectations from others.

It’s more than okay to be alone
Accept support(the real kind) if it comes your way, but if it doesn’t cherish solitude. You wouldn’t want to be engaged in negativity when you’re trying to see improvement.