Understand Your Coffee And It Will Understand You

coffee at Amigos ❤

I just had a moment of epiphany with regard to my cup of coffee. I identify as someone who consumes coffee simply because I like coffee, not because it helps me stay awake or alert, I let Headspace, adrakwali chai(ginger infused tea) and green tea do that for me.

I have sampled a couple of popular and unpopular coffee powders to get the kind of brew that suits my liking. I realized that it is not so much the coffee powder but the way you cook/brew it that makes it good. E.g. I tried an expensive coffee powder called Nescafe Gold, but I didn’t like how it tasted. Some time later I came across this really economical filter coffee powder in a shop in Goa, called Karnataka Coffee. It was one of the finest coffees I had ever had, it even beat the one Starbuck’s latte I’d had in my life. If you’re interested in how I cook my coffee, you can read my recipe below.

Currently, I am using CCD’s Mysore Royal coffee powder. I cook my coffee powder in a mixture of milk and water that is in the ratio of 3:2. I like my coffee to be creamy, strong and moderately sweet, so I add 3 teaspoons of the said coffee powder, a pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of condensed sweetened milk(so far I have used Nestle’s Milkmaid); which works both as a thickener and a sweetener. I keep the said ratio of milk to water, because I have observed that the flavor of filter coffee soaks in completely and smoothly with thinner liquids than thicker ones and also masks the smell of milk. Adding sweetened condensed milk makes up for the lack of volume too. I also have coffee in a small cup. Since I have very less of it, it really makes the experience special. Special shout-out to Cafe Amigos in Thane, the coffee experience out there is really something else. The coffee cutlery is pretty and the coffee too, although not creamy, is something I truly look forward to.