Don’t you regret it, but go for it!

I am 27 years of age and nearly a month ago I quit my job.

I decided that I will live one day at a time, taking out time for myself and things I love and pave the path I want to walk on for the rest of my life. Some say that it's not the correct time, it’s too late and others are just fearful about how am I gonna make it to the lifestyle they thought that I would have. I think they are all right in their respective place of thinking and understanding the life scenarios and I very much understand their concern but then I met an old buddy of mine, you must know it too.

It’s usually called by the name regret.

Let me tell you in simpler words and sentences. I am 40 years old, I have a good paying job and a great company to work for. The environment is good with occasional disagreements with my seniors, fewer holidays and quite an enlightening sessions with my friends and colleagues about how we hate Mondays and how much more we want to stay in our beds in the morning and get more appreciation for what we do! It’s not very different for most of the 27 years old. But when you’re 40, thinking about the things you wanted, things which made you happy when you were 27 bothers the most. For me, this was a driving force. I want to be happy with all the decisions I make in my life, every day.

I am not writing this article to make people quit jobs or to be rebellious, but to think about what really matters to them. What they need and what they don’t need in their lives and if you can think of a future where you don’t want certain things or you would love to be part of something in future, change it today, don’t be afraid to take a step, don’t let it become a regret. At least you’ll know that you tried, you gave your best shot at it. Some might call it destiny that will take you to places where you belong, make you meet people you are meant to have in your life but I would say don’t think of the destination, have a vision and make sure you will not regret when you reach your destination and then start running towards it. Also, you are not getting any younger but doesn’t mean it should stop you from trying for the things you love, for the things you want in your life, you still have rest of your life in front of you, waiting to be mapped by you. Doesn’t matter if you are 27, 37, 57 or 67, do the things that make you happy inside out, give that thing you always wanted a try, write a blog, draw a painting, join that dance class, talk to that one person you are afraid of, go on a solo backpacking trip, win over your fears. You have got just one life, a small one. Make sure to live it large.

I am 27 years of age and nearly a month ago I quit my job. I am back in Delhi, building my own startup, working out twice a day, reading about things I like, following my hobbies and most importantly I am happy.

Yes stressed too, that inevitable in life. ;)

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