Legoland consists of six unique themed lands delivering unique experience, entertainment

It’s a wonderful world of fun and excitement at UAE’s theme park exclusively designed for the junior audience. Legoland Dubai features over 40 interactive rides, shows, building experiences and 15,000 LEGO model structures made from approximately 60 million LEGO bricks.

What to expect at Legoland

Legoland consists of six unique themed lands delivering unique experience, entertainment and education. The themed lands include:


Here the children can engage in playful, learning activities which includes flying a plane at LEGO city airport, steering a boat at the boating school or better still earn a driving licence at the driving school.


It’s a joy watching your little princesses and knights explore a medieval land and conquer the dragon coaster which takes you on a journey through the castle with LEGO models displaying the medieval era.


Set your imagination racing building and racing LEGO cars. Visitors can take advantage of Master Builder Academy while toddlers and small children enjoy DUPLO valley. Make sure to use the Kid Power Tower to have unrivaled views of the entire park before taking a gravity free ride to the bottom.


Here the visitors enjoy a captivating submarine adventure or power through water waves, dodging water blasts with the wave racers. Besides that, it’s also a chance to visit the ancient temple ruins in a quest to recover Pharaoh’s stolen treasure.


The heart of Legoland Dubai parks. The area comprises of up to 20 million LEGO bricks featuring Dubai’s iconic skyline and landmarks from around Middle East and other destinations around the world. For your information, Miniland is the first ever air conditioned Miniland at a Lego park. It also features “Build a city” where guests can create the city skyline with bricks on a 10 metre play table.

Experience at LEGOLand Park

● After getting in Legoland, you walk through a small shopping strip and you’re allowed to visit the factory Miniland the air conditioned dome at the central of the park

● Pick up your map at the entry and look for advertised showtimes for the Lego 4D studios featuring Lego Movie and Nexo knights

● A main attraction (Miniland) with millions of LEGO bricks constructed to mimic iconic locations in Dubai and neighbouring countries

● Roam Miniland because there’s more than enough to see! The structures are meticulously designed to look exactly like the real thing.It’s also amazing to see tiny motorized cars cruising in mini streets. Infact there’s a replica of the Dubai metro with a scheduled train going through stations

● Stop by imagination area for a chance to build your own LEGO car and race it with other LEGO enthusiasts

Helpful Tips

● No food is allowed in the theme park. Although there are several dining options inside Legoland, the good restaurants are found at the Riverland area

● Strollers and wheelchairs can be leased just after you enter the LEGOLand gates by the Legoland stores

● LEGOLand is open from 10am to 6pm- plan your visit accordingly

● Purchase your ticket online in advance to avoid queueing

● There are height limits for security

● Visiting the whole park takes the best part of the day. On your first time visit, it might prove challenging to tour Legoland Dubai theme park and Lego Water Park in one day.

● The car park is some distance from the park’s entrance that’s only accessible only by a small transit tram

● Carry with you sunscreen, hat and glasses to protect yourself against the heatwave

Fun Facts LEGOLand Park Dubai

● Legoland park was the first to open of the much awaited Dubai parks & Resorts which is a mega sized theme park lying in Dubai, UAE.

● Legoland Dubai is divided into Legoland and Legoland waterpark with the latter featuring cool rides and slides

● The park is aimed at the enjoyment of little ones

● There are 60 rides, slides and attractions in the two parks

● There are 15,000 Lego Models in the park which take up to 60 million bricks. In fact 20 million of the bricks are located in Miniland

● There are a number of parks within entire Legoland including:

-The classic brick building

-Dragon-riding park

-Water Park

● The main park is divided into themed lands accessible by foot including:

-Lego City


-Ancient Egypt-themed adventure

-Play area imagination

-Medieval Kingdoms

-Factory which is home to the only Lego factory inside a LEGO land anywhere

● The park is the seventh globally and the first in the Middle East and it’s aimed at families with children aged 2–12 Yrs. The main goal of the park is to have parents interact with their children as they play in the park.

Legoland Dubai is a great park dedicated at creating fun for families whilst learning new things. The park provides the children with the experience that best suits them and delivers the ultimate joy they seek. Parents are also allowed to share the experience with children. A visit to the park is an amazing experience you shouldn’t miss! To book your ticket in online in advance, go to and enjoy great discounts.

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