We always say that the user is the king, therefore praise the user experience. The user experience is impacted by performance, resiliency, and most of all — usability and user experience (UX). There is a standard solid methodology for implementing UX, but the number of ways it is implemented is almost identical to the number of companies that claim that they are UX experts. The immediate question is WHY?

In this article I’ll explain the difference between UI and UX. I’ll give examples of the importance of UX from the business perspective, I’ll explain why is it so hard to…

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Too often, new web apps go live, sometimes with a lot of PR, and then they crash. When I tried to figure out why, I found that it is not because of the quality of the engineers, nor the quality of the IT team. Usually, the reason is the lack of knowledge and experience in designing and building a resilient, robust, scalable, and never-fail web application. Even nowadays, the knowledge is not widespread, and the same mistakes are made repeatedly, causing a lot of embarrassment, and harming our most valuable asset — our customers. …

We don’t have to be a race car, however, we can’t be horse and wagon


Performance may not be sufficient to make a user happy, but when considering all non-functional requirements this is definitely the number one. Nevertheless, if performance is poor dissatisfaction is guaranteed.

Performance is very easy to achieve when the system is designed properly, but almost impossible to fix when the system is designed poorly. In this blog I’ll give my two cents from my experience of over 30 years of building enterprise-grade and customer-facing systems.

Performance became a “big thing” in the last couple of years. This is mainly because organizations are more user-focused, users have alternatives, engineering awareness lacks, and…

Itiel Maayan

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