Did Food Enrichment Cause The Obesity Epidemic?
Richard Nikoley

Richard, what an interesting, informative article.

However, I can’t help wondering that perhaps the core reasons for the obesity epidemic include: (a) we simply eat too much, (b) we eat the wrong foods, (c) we exercise too little.

For example, as a sedentary worker, while I’ve never really eaten too much — at least that’s what I thought — during the last year, I was conscious of putting on some weight.

For me, the remedy was simple: (1) cut out all sugar in tea and coffee (I don’t drink carbonated drinks anyway), (2) cut out all the usual puddings, and replace with some fruit, and (3) eat a little natural yoghurt every day.

Result: weight down by 42 pounds — without really trying that hard. No additional exercise necessary — though that would be a further benefit too. Though there is the real danger we so often see today, of exercise addiction.

The point is, we all have choices. Often, we just keep taking the wrong choices until we don’t, or until life forces us to change direction.

So by taking control ourselves, whatever food manufacturers or governments may do, or not do, we can choose how we react and opt for our own path.