How To Develop An Entrepreneur Mindset
James Altucher

RE: How To Develop An Entrepreneur Mindset

Great article James and I want to piggy back off of two points that you made in your guide.

1. Sales

No one has ever woken up saying that they want to grow up to be a sales person (If you have, please get in touch with me). But the fact of the matter is, SALES IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF A BUSINESS. I don’t care what business you’re in, you have to sell your worldview to like-minded people.

I believe that there is this group of up and coming entrepreneurs who think that money is just going to come to them. Bad news: It doesn’t work like that.

I manage a full spectrum marketing agency and I will tell you this: Social is great for building awareness and closing SOME sales but somethings just won’t beat good old fashion boots on the ground sales. The exception to this is if you already have a lot of brand equity but I am going to assume that you are starting from scratch.

Here are 3 practical sales tips:

  1. Don’t sell features and benefits. Sell value.
  2. Avoid using industry buzzwords.
  3. People buy emotionally and justify it intellectually

(I will cover these in more detail in a future post)

2. Have Fun

Isn’t that why you wanted to get in to entrepreneurship?

I will tell you this, 99% of my day is fun and the other 1% kind of sucks ass (Being your own accountant is boring as shit). Having fun is subjective, I genuinely enjoy creating content and crafting marketing strategies for clients. If you do something you love to do, it won’t feel like work.

However, don’t let having fun ruin your productivity. I can’t speak for everyone but I am guilty for this. I would have so much fun drinking coffee, reading marketing trends, and listening to podcasts that I would forget to execute and it was all because I loved the topic so much.

I hope that I was able to offer a little bit of my own flavor to this discussion and I would love to continue it over social.

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