Achievement Unlocked, Who are Achievement Hunters!?

Photo Source: Rooster Teeth Store

Jeremy Dooley, age 22, lives in New York, has been playing video games since his childhood. He mostly likes shooter games that have a good story to go along with it. Stuff like Gears of War and Mass Effect, Gears of War which is more bloody and testosterone driven. And Mass Effect, where one of its core features is an engaging story where the choices he makes affect the overall progression of the game. He likes to go on YouTube and watch the live commentary gameplay. Jeremy utilizes twitter by tweeting updates on new games, the latest trailers, game time meet ups, and uses affiliated hashtags to get involved with other fans. He likes wearing gamer T-shirts and colorful hoodies, comfortable pants, and converse shoes. Seeing new game trailers encourages him to talk with other fans about it, and want to watch gameplay commentary when it’s released.

Written by: Andrew, Tia, Jackie, and Connor