Writing in English #026

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This is my first text totally in english here on medium.

Hi, my name is Lucas Ramos I’m brazilian and I do write pretty bad in english, so that’s why one of my resolutions for 2016 is to write a text in english every damn week. I beleive that pratice would make it perfect.

I’m currently nineteen years old, and I’ve been studying english for more than 4 years, I do talk pretty well, I can easily get on a conversation, of course I have some accent but that’s okay, at least I’ve been doing my best. But I still struggling a lot at grammar and with the properly way of writing few words.

I’m sorry if this text seems a little wird, I haven’t been practicing and talked with any native speaker for years, the only contact that I currently have with english is on Youtube, some films and few articles here on medium.

I also do listen to a lot of music, nowadays I’m really into indie rock, I’ve been listening bands like Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys and Cage the Elephant almost everyday. I love music, I try to listen everything since Rappers like Tyler, The Creator until Emo and Pop-punk bands like Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance.

I really think here I’m going to improve my writting skills, I just need to get used to and feel more comfortable in expressing my ideas, I know I may be writing a lot of thing wrong, but I ask you to be patient and feel free to help me, specially you grammarnazy.

I also suck at writting in portuguese (the language spoken in Brazil, Nope It isn’t spanish) so since the very first day of 2016 I’ve been publishing texts here on medium to improve my writing (this is the 26º one), I was fed up with my lazy and short texts with no content. Pretty much this one right now, but I‘m doing my best.

You can stay tunned with the updates on my facebook, twitter and instagram.

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