Data and social-cultural stories about the French Team and my Dad.

These past days, I have been extremely annoyed by all the comments I read on the Internet claiming that “Africa has won the World Cup” last Sunday when Hugo Lloris was lifting the golden trophy in Moscow.

The authors of the articles or social media posts are for the vast majority not French but have decided to flood the Internet with their ideas and beliefs. Hence, I have decided to write this opinion post as a gentle answer with some simple facts (and a bit of my personal story).

The French Soccer Team lifting the Jules Rimet Cup twenty years after their older peers.

The Context

Mouad 𝘅 Share the Cool

I love December. It just brings everybody together. It is also the time to reflect on what the year has offered us. 2017 is closing out strong so let’s not wait another minute and deep dive in my December favorites 🚀

🎵 War & Leisure, by Miguel

Cover of Miguel’s latest album, “War & Leisure”

He is back. After the very accomplished Wildheart, Miguel delivers another masterpiece with his new album, War & Leisure. Far from the anthems that brought him fame, Miguel is shaping his own genre and keeps exploring it. The first track of the album, seasoned by an old but gold Rick Ross, welcomes you…

Mouad Hadji

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