Dev/Ops, not DevOps

TL;DR. A full-stack developer is a myth, let alone a DevOps. Devs build software for humans. Ops build software for machines.

Dev/Ops is a distinct culture that is being practiced in ITMarketplace, apart from the toxic cultures of SRE and DevOps.

Dev-friendly software —

Ops-friendly software —

Dev (short for Developer)

  • Devs think of push (messaging) or pull (API, RPC, REST)
  • Devs deal with programming languages
  • Devs do socket programming (see 12-Factor App)
  • Devs think of services, not servers
  • Devs deal with service discovery (see example)
  • Devs with unidirectional flow (messaging) or bidirectional flow (RPC)

Ops (short for Operations)

  • Ops think of sockets (IP address, ports)
  • Ops deal with servers (physical/virtual machines)
  • Ops deal with server discovery using Docker 1.12 in swarm mode
  • Ops deal with SSH
  • Ops deal with configuration management
  • Ops deal with CLI (orchestration)

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