Documentation Made Easy

One does not simpy learn to code or write documentation

Of course, there is nothing easy or simple in the IT industry. But it’s good for a post title, isn’t it? :-)

Do you find doing documentation boring and tedious?

With ezdocs, it’s not! It’s fun and easy. Basic knowledge of HTML and Markdown are the only requirements.

You may download the ezdocs version of Go database/sql tutorial here.

Please follow the step-by-step procedure at

Here is a sample at

You write the documentation content using Markdown one by one per link. Then you run a CLI tool called blackfriday-tool which converts Markdown to HTML.

Then you edit the links at index.html and add the appropriate routes at jqready.js.

It is that simple.

Code in programming languages is highlighted using highlight.js. You may choose to customize yours since the example above is restricted to Go language only.

ezdocs won’t win in the UI department but it is up to you to enhance it since it is just plain vanilla Bootstrap 2 theme. And as long as you are comfortable with JavaScript, that is.

Go download it here and hack the code to your liking.

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