Aesthetics in the “Hallyu Wave” Homework

How we view beauty is to find a perfect balance in something. The ted talk talks about how important the perception of perfection means to someone. As his definition of beauty was a motorcycle, he was able to describe this form on beauty as functional, new, sleek, and more. We tend to find things enjoyable when we feel that they are beautiful. Our perception changes within idea of what looks appealing, and satisfying. In the MV by exo, I am very biased because I do like this song and have seen this video before, so I genuinely liked both the song and dance that came along with it. The 12 guys were so synchronized and neat with their dances, so it became pleasing to me. As for their outfits, I see how they correlated perfectly with the theme of the video, along with their harsh dance moves. As for the MV by Girls Generation, I found it to be very fun and even western like. The girl’s outfit and styles matched the theme of the song, very bright and happy! The music video even included different scenes for different scenarios on what a party is, and should be. I found things such as having a blast at the beach, and even on the dance floor to be my definition of fun. Both videos relate to each other by the amount of people used in the video, and the synchronized dances. However I do know that it is a huge trend to have these large groups in Kpop!

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