“Inequality” Homework

What I found interesting in the article was the fact that there is an opportunity gap in America, one specifically because of how people spend their money. People from America like to buy from outside the country, and relying on other country for resources. So our taxes are higher, and fluctuate from state to state. This creates bigger gaps within the poor and rich groups of america, the social structure spread further apart from one another.

In the TED talk, Ben Hecht talked about the inequality of people of color within the society. He talks about how are problem solving skills “suck”, as the problems that are created are too difficult to solve. There is a need of a structure that include all types of people that can accelerate the solutions of these problems. The four critical things that are needed to get there. There is a need to change the teams that are attempting to solve the correct problems. There is also a need for keeping score, also known as keeping track of the situation. The third, is to change the flow of money, so the solutions are being funded correctly. The last thing to change is the way city hall works, and the way what we expect city hall to work, because the government is a big helping factor in creating change.