“Night owl” Homework For Amy

After I took the quiz, I clearly knew I was an evening person. This was no surprise because Ive been accustomed to sleeping late for many years now. Some of the questions asked were ones associated with certain time frames, and some were fairly similar to my usual day to day schedule. For example, my most productive time of the day usually starts from 12pm to whenever after without exercise. Another comparison I saw within the questions was my shifts for work, which usually start after lunch, lasting all the way to 5pm. As for times of rest, I did see my usual sleeping schedule! I was a bit glad I wasn’t the only one. The question that made me laugh the most was the one related to the reliance of an alarm clock, because Im the type of person to have many alarms in the morning…(Sorry roomates).

Taking the quiz almost felt a little embarrassing to have all these traits represented in certain scenarios so clearly. This is because people tend to associate evening people as unproductive, procrastinators, and even lazy. However, learning from the video I felt a lot better learning that people who are considered night owls are more creative and tend to have a better life financially. I agree with the video because I am in love with the arts, which is why I tend to stay up doodling or something. It has become such a regularity to work hard and stay up late, that it is no longer considered a bad habit. It is because I do feel I can be my best in the hours of the night!

I wonder if Batman would be friends with me…?

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