Running a business with boobs: the things I never say
Jesse Genet

Thoroughly enjoyed this! You remind me so much of my daughter who is about the same age with your perfect degree of sarcasm and expressing your point without coming across angry and bitter. You seem very happy and are enjoying your success!

Being 47 and having working in mostly male dominated industries my entire career, I have experienced everything you mentioned. It does sadden me a bit that it still happens as much after all this time but at least that behavior no longer STOPS us (for the most part!).

I also applaud your attempt to cover every type of gender, etc. but could not believe that there was *still* a comment from someone offended. Just goes to show you that there are always going to be people that just cannot be pleased. Just don’t ever let those people bother you and don’t feel that you have to cover those bases every time — we should know that you mean no harm based on what you said, not assuming that you were being mean by what you haven’t said or might have said. You could better use that time writing more great pieces like this and continuing to change the world ;-)

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