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2 min readSep 28, 2020


ELI5: Explain Like I am 5. A brief easy to understand primer on Link Building.

Suppose you are at a new place looking get some coffee. Being the coffee connoisseur that you are you only want to taste the best coffee out there.

So, you ask couple of complete strangers in the street, “Where is the best coffee place?” They all say, “Well it has to be ITNA coffee”. And your confidence goes up and you head down there.

That is link building for ya. You are the search engine working to index thes best sites out there. And the ones that are vouched for i.e. they are recommended by others who are also ranked higher and reputed.

So how do search engine rank by link building. It just looks for external links or all hyperlinks in a website. Having someone else’s hyperlink in your website means you are kind of vouching for that guy in the eyes of the search engine.

So, you continue asking where is the best coffee place. You wonder into an alley and you ask this dude who kinda looks a bit homeless, “Hey, mister. Where is the best coffee place around this part?” He looks at you confused, murmurs something.

You ask him again, “Do you have a recommendation?” He says, “Just go to dunkin donut or some place. Stop bothering me.” You quickly away in fear off getting stabbed.

You move on. Now you see this hipster looking guy with a tshirt saying “Proudly Powered By Caffeine”. You recognize him as a reputed coffee enthusiast.

You ask him “where is the best coffee shop”. His face light up. He starts rambling on about ITNA coffee how good of a roast they have, where they source it etc. etc. So you are more confident with your choice.

And by this story I come to “better link building” which means that the site that has your hyperlink in their website itself needs to be somewhat reputable. The best linking building links should be from reputed and editorial website that has you as a relevant and natural way in their website.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you want me to ELI5 more topics on digital marketing and SEO send me a DM in @ ITNADigital on twitter.



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