SMM Case Study: Regional Law Firms

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2 min readNov 13, 2021


The state of social media presence and outreach for not-so fashionable small to medium size businesses, so we will try to see how any firm or business can improve their social media outreach and authority. Starting with small local law firms.

For part 1 let’s get to it and start with the competition overview.

Getting a list of competition

To get started, step 1 for me is usually checking out the competition. I picked a

random city which was Pennsylvania. From the local directories I found a list called, which held the website links for 17 different law offices around the city. I will take a random sample of 8 to get started.

Competition Social Media Links

Table from the original SMM audit report for potential client

Competition Overview

This is the summary from the assessment of their social media activities.


  • Active but only uses internal articles
  • Has animated infrographs but posted only on Facebook
  • No variety in posting
  • The limited number of likes indicate the owner nor employees nor the
    clients invited their friends to like
  • Because of exclusively using internal content, posting is infrequent
  • Just people in suits sitting in front of a landscape backdrop or sitting in
    an office


  • Has account linked on the website but no posts recent posts
  • Old posts are uninspired text posts some with URLs but no thumbnails


  • No post on Business profile, yet it’s linked
  • The C-Suite Employees/Owners/Lawyers aren’t active on LinkedIn either
  • No adequate referral/recommendation/testimonial


  • Monotone narration with upbeat music
  • Verges on being an ASMR video but the upbeat music keeps me from
  • Watchtime is justifiably abysmal
  • No video thumbnail

For a human focus business there is incredible room for growth through social media platforms.

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