Social Media Guide: What We Like 💘

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2 min readSep 20, 2020


A brief primer on the best strategies to Social Media

This is a two part series. The second part is: What We 😡

Even for boring old professional services a social media accounts means that at least your business is running and operational. But beyond that running an active and well managed social media accounts is all Pros. More customers, More reach, More everything !! 😄😄

But we are not saying you must force your employees to do some TikTok trend dance.

Creating a professional ambiance in your social media accounts can be done without being cringey.

What We Like 💘

Layering of Posts

Layering of posts means that we shouldn’t just do post after post of one single topic. It can be your blog posts, or your twitch stream announcements. One single type post one after another. Avoid doing this. Try to experiment little. Break the flow.

You can do different kind of graphics and designs, share things, “professionally applicable corporate approve memes”… heck even a text post is better than just posting or sharing the same thing with the same design.

Show Us an Insight into Your Business

Happy faces working in office. It triggers confidence in the potential customers and employees. Try to post candid pictures with happy faces. The more candid, the more positive the better.

We appreciate candid pictures of few people then an pre-organized and pre-requested photo op of the team. Even two people having a laugh can bring joy to your account feed.

We 😍 Engagement

Show us that other person exist. Even though you think that nobody is reading or watching your content always be positive. Answer enquiries, address them in a friendly fashion and consider them part of your community

Community > User

Try to evolve your users, customers or followers in to a community. Community members are loyal, followers are fickle and customers have no relationship with beyond a paid one.

Share or Give Shoutout to Your Competitors or Stakeholders

The name of the game is positivity and no growth is achievable without paying your respect to your stakeholders, suppliers, industry advocates and even your competition.

TLDR: Be more Human, Breakup posting flows, & Develop a community.

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