// main metadata block { "@context":"http://schema.org", "@type":"MusicRecording", "name":"Christmas Will Break Your Heart", "byArtist":{ "@type":"MusicGroup", "name":"LCD Soundsystem" }, "inAlbum":{ "link":"QmPXME1oRtoT627YKaDPDQ3PwA8tdP9rWuAAweLzqSwAWX" // IPFS reference to object representing the album }, // this can be a reference to an IPFS object: "author": { "link": "Q... " } "author":{ "@type":"Person", "bitcoinAddress":"19d3ynnuNKbgFLxp6XsyoxxGSvoAzBYPMw", // not his actual bitcoin address "name":"James Murphy" }, // this can also be a reference to an IPFS object: "image": { "link": "Q... " } "image":{ "@type": "Photograph", "contentUrl": { "link" : "QmeF3ggRegouZWP1CNw9A7HKatimj6rySGWdH2w6EBvpFo" } } } // native IPLD signature XXXXXXX
Mediachain: a distributed metadata protocol
Arkadiy Kukarkin

Why not reference all JSON objects also with external IPFS UUIDs? That way you get a full web rather than just independent metadata.

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