Challenge to me is an opportunity to improve my skills, expertise and competencies. When we face challenges, feedback is important , when handled negatively feedback itself can pose a challenge and it brings opportunity to improve oneself if handled positively. I am always optimistic about my work, but, we are human and as such we are prone to mistakes.

During my final year project, my supervisor gave me a feedback about my project topic “A Temperature Telemetry Device”, he told me he liked my project but it was basic and believes I can improve the project by adding some functionalities rather than choosing another topic. He told me to code a Graphical User Interface Application using matLAB, the application should data log the temperature data of my device with time stamps and save it on an excel spreadsheet .

I had no knowledge of matLAB and I had to produce the application within two weeks. I consulted another lecturer within the department to seek for advice, he told me to go and learn the language that every proposed problem has a solution. Keying to this and being optimistic about the project, I learnt the language although hit road blocks, I kept my composure and was able to finish the project before the two weeks deadline. My supervisor was impressed , commended my work and took it up for publication.

I impressed the panel on my project defense day as the task I was given enabled me to study the device components more closely and gave me extensive knowledge on the project. I was open minded and paid attention to the feedbacks I received and used it to create an opportunity for myself to gain more knowledge.