My Experience at Andela BootCamp so far..

It is the third day of home task and coding is already becoming part and parcel of me. I lose track of time when am coding. I had a pretty interesting encounter with GitHub today so am going to fill you in.

I was a given a task to create a GitHub repository containing a clone of a simple user interface created using HTML and CSS. Geez… I have already picked up my sublime text and browser to start coding before I started thinking, there is something to this question like I said in the previous blog, I now think fast before I start my coding. This question has more in it than meets the eye, there is something I need to do first.

I opened my GitHub account and started sniffing around and voila! I found it!, My GitHub can actually create a web page without me having to code much. I thought I said am a git master in my previous, well you learn new things everyday. I googled how I can actually make this work and I was walked through the setup process, all I had to do was to just insert my form to make it a user interface.

I am currently battling my binary search program and I hope in the end everything pays off and I get to become an andela fellow. But through all this home task, I have become a new person and my reasoning is a bit higher. Thank You Andela for this bootcamp.