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Way too often large corporations with teams of strategists fail to spot emerging trends and act upon them. Despite the abundance of resources and employees with full-stack competencies, they neglect the change on the horizon. Why is that?

Sure, most executives can describe the main trends of today. But only few manage to spot the less vivid yet key developments leading to tomorrow. The latter, though, is ever so important for devising how the company can influence their future customers’ behaviors and preferences. The retrospective question of why did not we see it coming is common, but unhelpful on its…

What Scenario Impact Analysis Is

Talking about scenarios, we are talking about the future. Scenarios are projections of how the world around us will look like. We come from a certain situation today, we find a respective time-frame for the future and estimate how our environment will change. The farther we move away from today, the more possibilities for scenarios exist. Moreover, we can never be sure what the direction and the strength of future developments would be. Scenarios help define what kind of positive or negative development may happen. It can be estimated that nothing changes fundamentally. It can also be the case that…

Interview with Maren Kottler about trend monitoring in the Swiss insurance company La Mobilière

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We all deal with the future on a daily basis. Be it either the question of what to eat for lunch or where to spend our next holiday. All the decisions we make now influence how our future is shaped. Maren Kottler from the Swiss insurance company La Mobilière, however, deals with the future professionally and very passionately.

I have no idea what tomorrow will look like but I am excited to find it out.

As Head of Innovation Management, she is responsible for foresight and trend monitoring at La Mobilière. Together with her team, she is doing everything possible…

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Like everyone these days, we are experiencing challenging times when it comes to activating and engaging relationships with our customers. As seen all over the world, we decided to close our office, stop traveling and work from home instead.

This leads to a couple of difficulties, especially when you are scheduled to hold an interactive and Design-Thinking-inspired workshop format that could neither be postponed nor be executed at the client facilities.

However, as a company with innovation in its name, it was natural for us to accept the challenge and find some creative approach. …

Written by Ronald Jansen

Business continuity should always be top of mind for every company leader. It sure will be on everybody’s mind these days. Business continuity means dealing with current issues, problems, crises, and survival. Possibly less urgent, but equally important is the preparation for focused resurrection and renewed growth of your business. Entrepreneurship and leadership have always been about looking forward, interpreting the developments in the world, understanding your own strengths, setting your goals and defining the set of initiatives and actions you take to differentiate yourself and create a position for yourself in the market. Maybe you…

📧 Your email inbox is probably full of guidelines and warnings about the immediate effects of the Coronavirus outbreak. For a change, we thought about the long-term impact of these uncertain times aiming to unearth the key risks and potential mitigation strategies.

📉📈 Global risks are intensifying and today’s corporate leaders face a complex environment that is changing at an increased pace. Given this backdrop both politically and economically, it poses challenges for many organizations to prepare and be able to react both in short- and in the long-term.

Some changes in consumer behavior and culture at large are apparent…

Many companies nowadays face the challenge of drawing the right conclusions and implementing them from a variety of technologies, trends, and innovations which are difficult to comprehend. How can AI support successful innovation management in this process? In this interview Christian Mühlroth, ITONICS CCO, speaks about AI bots, process change, and AI augmentation.

Check the full interview at Digital Innovation Podcast #030, #031 and #032.

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How can AI be used for a successful innovation process?

The technologies surrounding AI and machine learning are now very advanced so that a wide range of applications is possible: In the front-end of innovation (i.e. the early phases of the innovation process), AI can…

Nowadays, nearly every major corporation has some kind of corporate lab function. Most such labs hire a pack of highly talented young digital natives, give them a lot of budget and let them experiment on whatever comes to their minds. There is generally nothing bad about this movement and so far, at least some companies, have had great success with this model.

On the other hand, after a few years of excitement, many companies realize that their digital masterminds sitting in the fancy new office in Berlin (or any other tech hub in the world) often neither delivered the expected…

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During the last century, the average lifespan of a company shrank drastically by as much as 80% to about 18 years (McKinsey & Co, MD, Dominic Barton, 2016). We know innovation and constant redefinition is a way to maintain success and achieve healthy growth. Therefore, activities that aim for the exploitation of existing businesses have to be complemented and counterbalanced by exploratory activities. On a corporate level, it means that functions with the goal to identify new business opportunities are required. To give an example: a company that produces exhaust filters for the coal mining industry, would be exploiting the…

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Innovation Roundtable Summit (IRS) wrapped a week ago, and wow — it was our best ever. We were part of the IRS in Copenhagen as a sponsor and exhibitor for the third year in a row. This year we spent 3 interactive days attending stimulating presentations, labs, roundtable discussions and introducing a client case with Cisco. More than 700 innovation executives and leaders across industries from 250 companies and research institutions, such as Cisco, Spotify, Airbus, P&G, Siemens, IKEA, Ericsson, Shell, UC Berkeley, London Business School, came together to network and exchange insights.

It was great seeing what themes emerge…

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