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It’s okay to not be okay with it

May you find love in your laughter. may everything you’ve dreamed touch you by the arm, and may that conversation be enough.

I’m going through a lot of changes even i don’t understand yet. and i remind myself every moment i remember that, i am okay.

I've lost interest in a lot of things, people included. its nothing personal — space is lung right now. i need this air.

I’m addicted to growth and anything not adding to this evolution doesn’t deserve my utmost energy. i’d rather focus where i’m needed most.

As backwards as it may sound. there are people i loved or though so that i barley speak to and something about me is fine with that.

I understand now love doesn’t always come full circle if that energy isn’t kept in rotation and consistent. love doesn’t die but trying does.

I am happy where i am in life with or without them and i’m finally okay with that.

I no longer need to check in or be checked on as a way to show a renewal of forgotten relationships — nothing is above consistency, even love.

You too will be okay, have a good week.

Learn yourself

Most people will make time for whats convenient for them. theirs only a few who will be down for whatever, however, whenever. keep those.

When you become successful, and i don’t mean money, or fame or anything material. but when you finally learn yourself, people disappear on you.

Don’t be bothered by this. its rare for people, especially young, to say they know what they want and what they wouldn’t settle for.

For most people relationships are ran on convenience and what you can do for them to feel good in contrast to what they can’t give in return.

The moment you learn self-love, and put value on your conversation or the energy you give off. people run off because things get too honest.

What you know about loyalty?

Its time you unlearn what you’ve been taught about loyalty — don’t bite bullets for a gun aimed at you by the person you’re trying to protect.

You don’t have to stick around for energy you no longer feel or fantasize about. some things are to be washed and burned with failed attempts.

Loyalty is to be given in a place where love is unconditional. uncertainty will forever equate to ‘what if’ and that’s not enough to bleed for.

Give yourself love for once. you’ve been spoon fed so much that you forgot how to fend for your own appetite. is it not yours anymore?

With love you have to take it how it comes, but don’t settle for a moment when you can live multiples. find someone who can give this to you.

Balance yourself

If ever you plan to experience the height of trust with someone else as a man, you have to be willing to admit that you get hurt too.

Pain doesn’t choose — if and when it needs a home, it will find you. love is the same too. find a balance in both, live happier accept/let go.

Balance is mental alignment with the body…

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Don’t change for anyone, change for you.

I’ve been alone lately. moving quietly, getting my mind clear. i realize i’m more happy to be alive than to complain about it. all is good.

It’s love when you find love in yourself. places you never thought you’d find it.

I miss you but you’ll never hear from me again.

Trust is paper thin, mine is wounded.

Note to self:

Why are you looking for answers under your skin when you already live there?
My mouth is too loud with prayer and my heart too quiet with forgiveness but i’m learning to accept places i failed and those that failed me.
Grow. learn. lose. forget. feel. remember. come back but don’t go back to what was only meant to teach and not breathe a lifetime. accept.
May you learn to grow with you and accept your flaws as holy. you are who you are because the universe needed you to be. trust that.
You don’t need to go to war. solution to self disgust:
Learn to trust yourself in the mirror and nobody can pin reflection against you.
You are who you think you are. opinions are just opinions. why go to war for what someone else thinks of you when you can enjoy yourself?
Laugh louder.
Think more.
Hold firmly.
Love passionately.
Write with honesty.
Breathe without apology.
Quiet your mind.
Live happily.

Ancient secret:

You are infinite. there is no end to you, only growth/progression/truth. heaven exists inside you, reach there first.

Alive. breathing. good health. growth. untamed energy. accepting clarity. loved. passionate. real. unapologetic. honest. thankful.

Be thankful

10 things i’m thankful for.

  1. I’ve learned to love myself and accept all that i am without apology.
“loving yourself is the most important thing you could have ever done. accept the person that you are and always know that in 5 years you will be a different person, just love the person that you will become”.
  1. I’ve come a long way but i can reason. i’m full. more aware, empathetic. stubborn but i’ve learned to listen and be open to new thoughts.
  2. Nothing is above me or below. i’ve found equilibrium. a balance between self and the outside world. i know how to live in both places.
  3. I’m loved. i’ve learned to reciprocate and give back energy that fills me. i love better, i no longer search but accept what is.
  4. Heaven is no longer a place in a cloud. i’ve found peace in the crevice of my skin. i live happily and confident beyond realms of reality.
  5. My family loves me and i’m better at communicating gratitude. if they didn’t live i couldn’t be.
  6. Everything is vivid. i know what i want in life and what i have to do to get it. come back to self, do it passionately and trust intuition.
  7. I laugh more. i give more. i ask less. i listen better. fearless/unafraid. i accept what is and don’t stress what can’t be.
  8. I crave connection but its filtered now. i don’t need anyone to validate or ‘prove’ their love to me. i got my own back and its enough.
  9. I’m alive. breathing and happy. what more can i ask for?

Know what you want

Love is an energy.

If you really want to know someone, look in their eyes when describing how, what or who they love, passion can’t be forged.

I ask for a love with no stop point. warm breathes and honest energy, nothing else.

Learn to let go, there’s a healing in separation….

“Have you seen the moon lately?”

If you really want to connect, unveil yourself. there’s no escaping that. show me parts of you others are afraid to experience. i want that.

More than love, the best relationships require trust. its an absolute must build a bridge to real connection and don’t be fickle.

Don’t be afriad to ask

Ask men to be more responsible and hold them accountable. ask women to be more upfront and hold them accountable.

Ask men to be more honest and hold them accountable. ask women to be less selfish and hold them accountable.

Ask men intelligent conversation and hold them accountable. ask women for less judgement and more understanding and hold them accountable.

Ask men what they’re passionate about aside sex/video games and hold them accountable. ask women to pay attention and hold them accountable.

Ask a man what he thinks of his mother — ask him what he thinks of you. don’t compare but hold him accountable. ask a woman to learn from this.

Ask a man what he wants for his future. hold his reaction accountable. ask a woman what she desires in a man hold her answer accountable.

Treatment is partly what you allow overtime. how you let somebody behave will spill into how they think you don’t mind being treated.

You can’t sacrifice your body for every sorry as a way to get over mistreatment. craving is one thing. demanding respect is another.

Most people try to fix communication with sex but when the mind is disconnected, how do you expect someone’s body to respond?

Women need to do a better job at listening. anger is lethal. men need to do better with honesty, vulnerability is here connection is built.

Connections, trust and acceptance

1- For most means sad as it is; sex is a power trip. a moment to refuel arrogance and pride to the chest. an insecurity asking to be loved.

2- Women often seek connection when trusting their body with someone. a sense of respect, especially after and men fail at protecting this.

3- The right energy is utmost when exchanging body fluids at any moment of intimacy. and this is activated through foreplay, not penetration.

4- You can’t make love or connect to a woman with a selfish agenda. nor can you conceal intention because women always pick up on vibration.

5- Men: respect comes from alleviating pressure to be ‘macho’ and trusting the moment with healthier confidence apart from feeding your manhood.

6- You don’t have to prove anything ‘manly’ to a woman already willing to sleep with you other than a good time and of course and orgasm.

— everything else is everything else..

7- Women: do better at communicating what you really want during sex and don’t assume a man should already know. just say it and feel no shame.

8- Long term respect and explosive pleasure come from trusting an individual and knowing their intention before depth is explored. demand that.

9- It all comes down to setting standards and a building a bridge for others to cross, you can’t always give and accept people to belittle you.

10- Men, do better. learn and accept yourself. sex isn’t the only place to become a man. and women, trust yourself more. say no to mediocrity.


Lose. expand. heal. expand. love. expand. learn. expand. don’t fail or fall backwards. expand and lift higher.

I believe love is the root to all things. good, bad or indifferent everything derives from the energy of love.

Overtime things get bitter, and some people are comfortable with sticking with that taste as truth but slowly everything around them rottens.

Some believe in the shift of energy and learn to adjust because they know life, is not all roses. not all the time and because of that they grow.

Love has moments where pain shows face but hurt is not eternal. these are opportunities, new chances to rebuild/fight and find yourself more.

Its universal, everything comes back to love because eventually we all look for home. and live is the mother of all that.

I don’t care how many times you’ve been bruised, you cannot live your life afraid to explore possibilities and refuse love for what it is.

People convince you heaven only to turn and hurt you the moment you believe, that was not love. it was that person. not love.

People shape shift. do not punish the world or deprive yourself for an insecurity someone else planted, you can fix that. take time, heal up.

Stop running from things that are trying to embrace your entirety and make love to the soul you are, people who see past where you’re hurting.

Do not ever numb yourself for that world. you have no idea how magical you were made to ‘feel’, take chances and be taken to that.

Beautiful women with broken spirits. pretty faces with hidden scars. don’t kill yourself for society and hide what you really feel…

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