LCD Soundsystem

I love posters, but picking a specific one to review was quite painful. I think, I spent more time googling than analyzing the design. I chose a poster of the movie “Shut up and play the hits” which came out in 2012 as the recording of the last show by LCD Soundsystem. Madison Square Garden was sold out, a bunch of fans didn’t get in, so producing a documentary was probably a good idea. No one knew the band would be releasing a new record in 2017.

The great thing about this poster is a lot of negative space, which highlights the heading and draws our attention away from James Murphy laying on stage thinking about his life falling apart.

I like that the photograph was taken from the actual recording, which only has positive space as director focuses on the signer. The top of the poster seems to be added artificially to open the space for large heading.

The fonts used on the poster are Impact URW and Trade Gothic Next. The first one literally gives you a feeling of somebody throwing words in your face. Trade Gothic Next is more conventional and explains the heading.

The color palette is also taken from the original movie and it makes sense because the poster was originally created for screening at Sundance Film Festival and only then was used for distribution on DVDs. You probably never heard of those, but this is what people used in 2012 to watch movies.

I’ve also noticed that there are credits in the top section of the poster, but this is just a formality, that’s why the font is tiny and they can hardly be seen.

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