5 Things Not to Say in Your Next Job Interview

The truth is, no matter how prepared you are, an IT job interview can be nerve wracking. We don’t want the stress to get to you so we’ve compiled a list of five things you should not say in an interview.

  1. What is your vacation policy?

Your job as a technology candidate is to demonstrate how you will add value to the organization seeking to hire you. Asking a question related to benefits, for example, is not focused on how your contributions can improve the company will reduce your chances of securing your ideal position. Save these questions for after you have been provided an offer.

2. My last boss was too [insert negative adjective here].

Hard to believe, but this is one of the most common answers given in interviews. This is a truly unprofessional way to answer questions about why you left your previous IT position. Be honest, but frame your answer in a way that will not put your previous team or boss in a bad light.

3. What does your company do?

As a general rule of thumb, try not to ask a question that could have been answered with a quick Google search. These question tell employers that the position was not motivating enough for you to research and understand what they do. Your question should be more specific, such as, “How does this role and department support the company as a whole?”

4. I like to work from home, what’s the work from home (telecommute) policy?

Many companies have telecommute programs — some are formal, many are informal. However, the perception of working from home is still an obstacle to overcome in professional circles. A better way to get the answer you seek is to ask, “Can you describe to me what a typical work week for your team looks like?” Most of the time, the work from home answer is found in how teammates communicate and interact for meetings.

5. No, I do not have any questions.

At the end, most interviewers ask if you have any questions. If you don’t ask any, they cannot tell how motivated or engaged you were for the position. Be prepared to ask questions directly related to the business or team. Asking how they envision growth over the next few years or the biggest challenges they face in the next 6 months can put you in a winning position. It lets the employer know you are interested and already envisioning how you can fit into and add value to their team.

These tips can help you land your next rewarding IT position. For even more help, consider using the services of an experienced recruiter. The best recruiters have and share information you need to prepare you for what to expect in an upcoming interview. Find more information about the recruitment process at http://www.itresourcescorp.com/.