We’re testing Video Chat and Screen Share with 5% of players, today (updated to 40% on 8/29/2017).

A friend of mine was one of the few who got it, and her, another friend and I made use of it. One thing that would be really nice is another view that allows you to see all the other people’s video at the same size. Having to pick one to see large while the others are thumbnail size is a bit annoying. The one of yourself can still be small, but others’ video feeds should have an option to be all the same size.

Another thing we noticed was that sometimes (This happened to my two friends in the call multiple times, but it never happened to me), one of us could hear only one of the other 2 people, but still got the video for both. One of the people would have to leave and rejoin the call, either the person who couldn’t hear someone, or the person who someone couldn’t hear.

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