My answer to the Medium feedback request

The selection of categories that you offer during the initial process for signing up for a Medium account sucks balls. It’s skewed heavily toward two main things: technology and SJW politics. Gimme a fucking break you googlefucks. To appropriate a bon mot of the otherwise irredeemable Bill Buckley junior, I could get more diversity from the first 20 pages of the phone book. I had to choose several quasi random categories simply in order to get past the “choose some categories, Normie!” stage of the sign-up process. I have been waiting a month now for your metadata spiders to figure out other things I’m interested in based on my likes and bookmarks just in order to be able to down-emphasize those initial forced choices. P.S. It’s about time. Thanks — I appreciate it. P.P.S. I like your platform. Prove you like diversity and trust in rule-bound institutions — don’t shoah me out of spite.

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