Gender Comparison

I'm sure most of you heard the phrase,

"men are like dogs and women are like cats"

In so many ways I would agree that statement is true and at the same time not at all.

Who even came up with that phrase??

They must have studied men and women for a long ass time to go around calling people cats and dogs. So before I tell you why I dont agree with this statement, let me just tell you a little of why I may slightly agree with it.

Lets start with "women are like cats". Cats are beautiful and clean creatures as are most women (majority). Cats are very smart animals as well. According to Forbes Magazine women score just a little higher than men in the intelligence department. Cats definitely know how to get what they want and they usually end up getting it because they are so darn cute. They purr their way into what they want and women definitely can too; especially from a man whos attracted to her. Cats are definitely moody as are women. (haha). But what else? I think that’s about it.

Cats are usually selfish and only want your love when THEY want it. I have a cat named Honey and boy she can be a little bitch sometimes. I can’t get a nice cuddle or pet unless she wants me to feed her. I think women are opposite. I’m pretty sure most women crave and give love and affection. If you disagree thats fine because we are all different in personality and in views. But I feel like its safe to say most women aren’t selfish nor do they only want love when its convenient for them. (Especially mothers, wives). Not all women are cats.

Lets look at men. Well in similarities dogs are simple like men. (not in a bad way). They just need some affection, food, somewhere to sleep and you can train them. Lets face it, they are not the cleanest creatures either; nor are most men. They go around humping things and claiming territory (sounds like men haha). But heres where it gets contradicting. Dogs are very loyal. Not saying that men aren’t but in our wonderful American culture, men are perceived to be players and all that fun stuff. And from experience (and according to the other women I have known in my life) I would agree most men aren’t very loyal. Dogs are smart and men are smart too. They invented stuff and have ideas. But on another note men can be just as moody as cats and men can be very selfish as cats. Men can be clean and neat as cats and even be beautiful. I mean we had the first male model on Covergirl! Not all men are dogs!!

It all really comes down to their personality traits and their values. A man can be a cat just as much as a woman can be a dog. There alot of other areas to think about but I don’t feel like jumping into masculine and feminine traits. We as humans have both of those traits and thats is another discussion on its own. And I feel like it is just wrong to compare genders and set stereotypes upon them.

Just be you whether you are a cat or a dog either way you are a smart creature.