There’s got to be a better way to lease office space

March 21 2016: Here’s some snippets from my daily life in the education and software industry.


Anyone who knows me well will know I’m obsessed with offices. I spend a lot of my spare time looking at how different companies setup their offices, and I also spend a lot of my spare time on I work from a small office in Glen Iris, Victoria, but I’d love to move into something more modern and spacious.

I checked out some serviced offices today in Toorak and South Yarra. I thought serviced offices might be a good idea, because they are easy to maintain, and I just get one invoice each month. Unfortunately I was thoroughly disappointed with what I saw. The first centre I checked out was the ‘Tok Corporate Centre’ in Toorak. The offices were cheaply furnished, had absolutely no view (and very little natural light), and felt claustrophobic. The second place I checked out was on Level 19 of the ‘Como Centre’ in Chapel Street, and while the view and natural light was much better, they just felt like a shoebox. I was only looking at 2–3 people offices, but even so, fitting 3 people into these would be a squeeze.

This is not a serviced office, but one that I like the look of on However, this is the kind of space that serviced office operators think could fit three people.

They aren’t cheap, either. I understand that these are located close to the city, but you can get a much bigger space (that’s your own) further out in the suburbs, such as Mount Waverley (a popular office district) for only slightly more. Use of the boardrooms is a paid service which I find ridiculous, because it doesn’t cost the property managers anything for that. Other services such as printing and Internet is charged at a much inflated price.

I was left feeling disappointed, but it got me thinking, there’s got to be a better way!

Interesting Reads

I’ve been watching the full video of Kerry Packer’s Senate Inquiry in 1991 about whether he had some secret control of the Fairfax papers. It’s interesting to see some of the discussions the government officials and Kerry have, and how easily Kerry responds to each of their criticisms. He was definitely a bully, but got results.

The man himself
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