Why we need better market charting software

March 16 2016: Here’s some snippets from my daily life in the education and software industry.

Sales Progress

I ran through a training with The Hamilton and Alexandra College today for iNewsletter. They are a mid sized school of about 500 students in Hamilton, Victoria. Their branding is very modern and consistent, and they have many high resolution photos of their school and community, so it’s the perfect fit for iNewsletter.

Schools need to continue producing more photos of their events as that’s really what parents want to see. Long articles will hardly be read, whereas concise and to-the-point articles accompanied with good quality photos will engage the parent and wider community, and help show off the great things the school is doing. It’s amazing how many schools I visit that don’t put photos in their newsletter or on their website!

The Hamilton and Alexandra College’s website which features high quality photos front and center


I had some spare time today, so I tried writing a bit of sample code to take some stock market data from Yahoo Finance, and plot it on an OHLC (open, high, low, close) chart. I have an interest in markets and technical analysis of markets, and I’ve never found a modern charting platform that’s easy to use. The most popular for Forex is MetaTrader, which is a Windows app. It looks dated, only works on Windows, and is clunky to use. The best charting platform I’ve seen is ProRealTime, but it’s a Java app that requires a client to be installed (but at least works cross-platform). I’d love to develop a great web-based charting platform that’s fast and feels great to use.

This is what ProRealTime looks like, a nice interface but could be better

Business Update

Today we said a sad farewell to our Customer Success Manager for Naavi. We are shifting our focus from a sales focus to a marketing/advertising focus. Being a small company we have to reallocate funds to do this, and unfortunately it meant saying goodbye to Jess. We wish her all the best with her future endeavours, but we know she’ll have no problem finding a new job as she is smart and hard working.

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