The Making Behind The Filmmaking

Part 1 — Auditions

Roly Ortega
Apr 2, 2018 · 2 min read

Welcome to The Making Behind The Filmmaking, a new series that details the behind the scenes look at how a short film is made by university students. In this series, we’ll take a look at how the movie Tabula Rasa is made. I’m Roly Ortega and I’ll guide you to how all this filmmaking goes through.

Before any good movie can be made, it has to start with the auditions to cast a good crew for any movie. A crew needs talented actors, actresses and any extras to work out the part.

Today, we visit the house of Director Janier Diaz with Assistant Director/Writer Josh Nazario where the auditions are conducted. One of those willing to audition is Joe Gonzalez. He’s auditioning for the part of Grayson, one of the main characters of the short film. The producer and the director are aiming to film and get it all together before the Spring semester ends at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Fla.

A script is given for those wiling to audition for the film and the producer and director like what they saw with Joe and put him into consideration. They work with Joe to possibly give him a better shot into getting a part in this upcoming movie and put him ahead of others who possibly want a part into the movie as well.

The main characters in this movie are 22-year-old Jessica Langley (portrayed by), 24-year-old Ben Ganer (portrayed by), 23-year-old Grayson Davis (auditioned today by Joe) and another character named Hunter (portrayed by).

The director and writer will be working together across all aspects of the film and from the audition process, they’ll be coordinating across working out schedules and shooting days so that talent and the behind the scenes crew are available for the film. Over the next few days, many other auditions would be scheduled to work things out. They’re hoping to have the auditions finished by next Friday so that rehearsals can begin.

We’ll return next time with Part 2 on Rehearsals. No movie is perfect and each one needs tons of practice and there needs to be rehearsals to perfect our craft.

Until next time, we’ll continue to take you Behind The Filmmaking.

    Roly Ortega

    Television news junkie who likes to talk about local media as well as sports, Family Guy and other stuff.

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