Waltonchain is Partnered with Fujian C-TOP Electronics Co., Ltd.

This partnership has not been officially announced, as only the logo has been listed on Waltonchain’s website.

Fujian C-TOP Electronics Co., Ltd.

“Founded in 1995, Fujian C-TOP Electronics Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise engaged in the development of Internet of Things technology, software and industrial applications, information system integration and wireless communication terminal production.
They have access to innovative enterprises in Fujian Province, the National Computer Information System Integration Enterprise, The Establishment of Food Safety Information, Fujian Academy of Sciences Expert Workstation, Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Agency… and Systems Enterprise Engineering Research Center.”

Waltonchain now has access to all of these enterprises to research and develop new Internet of Things technologies and help transform cities into Smart Cities. Fujian C-TOP Electronics is also located in Zhangzhou, where Waltonchain just landed a partnership with the Zhangzhou subsidiary of China Telecom. Waltonchain will be working with the China Telecom branch to integrate Smart City applications through mobile communication networks. This partnership with Fujian C-TOP Electronics adds a few more tools to the kit, as they are aptly placed and equipped to aid Waltonchain in that endeavor as well.

Access to Food Safety information is also valuable to Waltonchain. They recently mentioned at the Waltonchain 2018 Annual Meeting that they will be involved in the Food Safety Industry in 2018, among other related fields such as pharmaceutical monitoring and tracking, and agriculture.

Here is a list of some relevant products that Fujian C-TOP Electronics has developed and produced:

  • HCD-986 series of GSM/GPRS (global system for mobile communications)
  • CDMA wireless mobile phone
  • Mobile over-the-air recharge terminal
  • EDGE/GPRS wireless network card
  • Street light monitoring system
  • power/gas air payment system
  • GPS vehicle positioning terminal
  • Retail sales system
  • Wireless enterprise communication platform (small wireless switch)
  • Public telephone centralized management system
  • Virtual network billing management system

Waltonchain’s Smart Waste Management System depends on mobile communication networks, GPS, etc., to monitor and track incoming real-world data. This company is well-versed in these communication systems and will likely be invaluable to Waltonchain in shaping Zhangzhou into a Smart City. The GPS vehicle positioning is also relevant to waste systems, as optimal vehicle routes can be mapped out to reduce gas and travel time. The street light monitoring system they developed is yet another system that could be integrated in Walton’s Smart Waste System, as Waltonchain’s RFID chips can combine with any smart device to feed external data directly to the blockchain. As an aside, they may also be able to advise Waltonchain on retail sales systems and billing systems, as Waltonchain will be implementing smart stores specifically in the apparel industry.

Example of smart waste management and other smart city functions

Waltonchain is gathering resources and laying out every inch of their plans to transform a variety of cities in China, Korea, and abroad into Smart Cities. If all goes well in Zhangzhou, Jiangsu, and other cities contracted for Waltonchain, you can expect the dominoes to keep falling, and more cities to be run on Waltonchain tech. Soon, Waltonchain will be as ubiquitous as the mobile phone.

Originally published at medium.com on February 1, 2018.