Why Learning Angular 2 Was Excruciating
Liz Bennett

Javascript is not worth your time, move on to something like Elm. I have done so much frontend dev with Backbone, Angular, Ember, “no framework”, in pure JS, coffee script, typescript, ECMA script 6… I’ve learned to dislike every single one of them.

Try and setup a Karma runner for Angular 2… good luck having tests separated from the rest of your source code (like in every other language really).

Try and componentize an ember frontend application… it’s really painful and impossible to test components in isolation.

The best solution I’ve found was really to roll your own… but it’s tough on big projects when the best language option is Typescript with optional typing only.

3 months into a frontend app in production written in Elm: 0 regrets. No runtime errors, a great compiler, easy to architecture the app, easy to restructure/refactor code, good IntelliJ support, a surprisingly easy learning curve, and best of all: no javascript ecosystem to deal with.

Not turning back.