A School Morning

The following takes place before school started.

Walking into the cafe, to socialize with classmates. When I sat at the table and noticed what was on CNN. The story of a black man, Walter Scott, who was shot in the back multiple times running from a cop. Only pictures were shown on the screen, and I had no knowledge of there being a video until. I was on twitter scrolling through my timeline, when I came across the actually video.

Before I clicked on the video, after listening to it on the news, I feel perfectly fine and not bothered what-so-ever. Thirty seconds later, I feel unexplainably filled with emotion (not the good ones). I close my computer, leave my stuff in the cafe with my friends and leave to go see the guidence counsel. Apperently she was in a meeting with some parents, so I had to think of someoe else to talk to, and I knew just wo to go too. Someone who had experienced the same feelings about a situation of a sort. I’m just glad I knew someone I could relate to.

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