How I created a Storytelling app for Android — “Storyteller- Unleash Your Creativity”

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Storyteller… You may not be knowing about this app but Storyteller can help many teens, passionates and storytellers to share their stories around the globe. Today, In this blog post I will be talking about this storytelling app on which one can share his/her stories.

The idea for this app came to my mind when I was in my class and my friend showed me his stories and poems. They were really fascinating! I, as an app developer started thinking his poems and stories as an inspiration. Suddenly, this application idea came to my mind. When I went to my home, I opened Google Play Store and started searching for keywords like Storyteller, Storytelling apps etc. etc. But, I could not find any app which could be the platform for these storytellers. So, from that instant I started planning for my app which was Storyteller — Unleash Your Creativity, the tagline for this app was very straightforward, one could easily recognize that this app is for creating and sharing stories. It took almost three months for me to create this app. I only gave my spare time to this app, since I’m a student…

What happened next was really frustrating, not one, I got several bugs in my app, I spent my whole weekend in fixing them and launching version 2 of my app. For the first time I added a promo video for my app on Google Play Store and it boosted my app’s search result rankings. I decided not to go with any paid options before my app gets 10k installs, so I created promo video from Renderforest. The video was pretty good for this free app!

Using this app, one can share his/her creative work throughout the world. They can also add a cover picture for their story which can make their stories look more attractive. The maximum character limit I decided to have was 10,000 which will be increased in next updates.

Like every App Developer, I also got my hands dirty in creating clones of apps like Instagram, Facebook etc. which really helped me to polish my skills. Before this app, I was creating an app Stories Album which was the clone app of Instagram. As I was going deeper in creating that app, it became more and more complex. So, I decided to close that project there because I already wasted my 5 months on that app and it wasn’t looking better than Instagram. One question always came into my mind Why would someone use my app instead of Instagram? which was another reason for abandoning that project. From that day, I started thinking for new ideas and got this idea.

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I have a lot of plans for this app, If this app gets atleast 10k installs, then I would be launching its 3rd version which will deliver personalized content to one’s device but for that I will need high end servers, that’s why my target for now is 10k to 100k installs.

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