Week 1 — Getting Started

Trying to make fewer excuses as I explore 7 interests of mine. This post is an update from last week and plan for next week.


I stuck with the plan approximately 70% of the time but that’s actually more than I expected knowing this is a weird week with Thanksgiving day.

Blue = Planned; Orange = Actual

Fitness/Health - I was able to get two classes in and didn’t eat too much food until Thursday. It was downhill from that day.

Data Visualizations - Went through Chicago Blend data to understand more about variables and sketched out what it might look like:

If anyone knows the best method, message me. Currently started using D3.

GAN for Art - I was so excited to get started until I found out my computer is not capable of running CUDA applications. I spent the rest of the time trying to find alternatives to run the program. The best route is to either get a spare computer or use a cloud solution. I need to do more research but Google Cloud offers NVIDIA K80 for $.45/hour

Mental Math - Turned my phone’s clock to 24hr format and looked into multiplication techniques.

Cooking - Made pumpkin pie for the first time and it turned out great. Too many compliments from the family 😃. Give the recipe a try!

Learn Hindi - Does watching Hindi music videos count? I spent the least amount on learning Hindi.

Videos - Getting better at time management on focusing what matters vs what looks good. Also had a really good chat with a couple of internet friends on titling videos that describe the video vs clickbait titles and where everyone should draw the line.

Week 2 Plan:

Week 2

Interesting Read -

Chapter 1 — Setting the Context — Unpacking Alpha in Venture Capital

I have been thinking a lot about this:

Whilst Silicon Valley has undoubtedly been the epicentre of technology innovation, other hubs of ideation, innovation and global problem solving are developing fast.

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