Week 3 — Chrome Extension Progress

Trying to make fewer excuses as I explore 7 interests of mine. This post is an update from last week and plan for next week.
Blue = Planned; Orange = Actual

Fitness/Health — So close to doing a proper reverse burpee. Planning on running a timed mile next week!

Data Visualizations (Chicago VC firms dataset) — Still working on wording and trying to figure out d3 transitions.

GAN for Art — Reading through some of the guides from Machine Learning + Artists while commuting.

Mental Math — Practicing more of Vertical and crosswise technique while multiplying two digit numbers.

Cooking —No new recipe this week. Read and watched some videos on gastronomy.

Learn Hindi — Finished half a module of Mango Languages. I found this app called HelloTalk that I have been testing out. So far an interesting concept and using the app regularly.

HelloTalk: Learn a language by chatting with native speakers around the world.


  • Too many messages from people that just say some version of “hi”
  • Timezone differences
  • Finding the balance between helping and learning is hard
  • People with creepy messages


  • You learn from a native speaker!
  • App features like corrections and translations (might have to pay to use certain features more often)
  • Settings are well thought out

Overall, I find it really useful and planning on using it frequently. As if now, regularly chatting with two people to learn Hindi.

Videos — Taking a break from making new videos and finishing the Chrome Extension first.

👉🏽 Chrome Extension — Done with the basics and the extension works fine. Need to make some CSS changes, clean code, refactor(?) and send it to a couple of friends to test before launching it.

Week 4 Plan:

Week 4

Songs on Repeat

- Everytime by Ji Young Hoon (What type of song is this? A Ballad?)

- Taki Taki by DJ Snake, Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi

Been Thinking A lot About

How to balance full-time work with creative projects by Jeffrey Silverstein from Creative Independent