Week 7

Trying to make fewer excuses as I explore 7 interests of mine. This post is an update from last week and plan for next week.

Making some changes on what I want to focus on going forward. Excited things!

Fitness/Health — I am back to the daily rhythm of working out and eating healthy. Also, considering to do MealPal again as I am getting busy/forgetting to make lunch.

Data Visualizations (Chicago VC firms dataset) — I made the least amount of progress as I was getting distracted by other people’s work. However, learning more about various structures.

GAN for Art —Looking through code on ml4a Guides.

Mental Math — I am getting more comfortable with military time on my phone and tipping without a calculator.

Cooking —I made my annual fruitcake recipe.

Learn Hindi — I have been talking to my cousins and friends in Hindi whenever I can.

Videos — I was able to write out multiple scripts and plan various scenes for drawing.


I was able to reflect on some of my interests and decided to make these changes going forward.

Instead of GAN for Art, it will be Storytelling as I will be taking a class at Second City starting this week. I don’t have enough resources and skill set to explore GAN and it’s a low priority for now. In addition, I would like to improve my storytelling skills to not get “you are too direct” comments again😃 and lose my thoughts when I am speaking in public.

Instead of videos, it will be small coding projects. Do you ever have the feeling that you are so into doing something that you forget to eat or check social media? That’s me when I am coding and I have a couple of ideas that I want to bring life to as well. I will still be working on videos but on a slower pace as I work on coding projects more frequently.

Next Week

Songs on Repeat:

Her At The Time by Hanonn & Vincent Blue

I Did It by Raja Kumari

Random Thoughts: