What was your reasoning in building a dedicated hardware instead of the iPad application?
Akbar Nurlybayev

Great question Akbar!

After much research, we realized we needed to build an end-to-end solution to truly solve the problem that our photos are scattered everywhere.

Studies show that people don’t use their tablets for looking at their own photos. It’s because tablets have :

  1. small screen size — most tablets are around 9" (Joy is 13.3" for beautiful layouts)
  2. distracting apps, games, social media, work email, internet browser (Joy is a dedicated experience just for your personal photos and videos)
  3. lots of friction to get to your photos: cover, lock screen, wires (Joy is wireless and always on)
  4. personal information that is not meant to be shared. When your friends come over to your house, you wouldn’t feel comfortable giving them your personal tablet for them to look through. (Joy is designed to be share and to never have a lock screen)
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